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Current Weather and Forecasts for Malta, Gozo & Comino

Weather in Malta

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The weather in Malta is Mediterranean, like in the Italian south or Greece, with a strong influence of the sea. Summers are dry and hot with few rains, and falls are warm and moderately humid, while winters are short, not too cold and bit rainy.

The temperature is very stable, with an annual average of 18 C, and tips of between 12 and 31 C. Winds are strong and frequent, being the most common the Magistral (cold wind from the Northwest), the Trigal or Gregale (dry wind from the Northeast), and the Sirocco, a humid and warm wind that comes from the south of the island.


Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Malta and Gozo. Conditions are perfect between Easter and mid-June, when the weather is pleasantly warm, but not too hot; beaches and resorts are relatively un crowded, and accommodation is usually cheaper and easier to find than in the high season (mid-June to end-August). Conditions are once more ideal from the end of August until the end of November as the season winds down. Make the right choice and let your dreams come true, travel with Dream Holidays!