Diving Activities


The Maltese archipelago - the main island Malta, the smaller Island Gozo and the tiny Island Comino - is a real paradise for divers and snorklers.   These islands have fortunately retained their natural state due, to a large extent, to the sea and its fauna. 

Apart from other positive aspects, one of the most important is that the Maltese Islands are an all-year-round centre for the diver.  Even in severe winter (which is extremely rare) the sea temperature never drops below 13 Celsius.  The climate and duration of sunshine at that time of year are similar to an average North European summer, sometimes even better.

The islands offer a well-developed infrastructure for divers, representing a high standard and are capable of coping with the most sophisticated demands.

A number of Maltese diving schools have organised themselves into the Association of Professional Diving Schools, with the result that the staff are well-trained and responsible.  All schools offer up-to-date equipment of the best quality with an excellent follow-up service.

Diving courses ranges from Introductory Scuba, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water, Medic First Aid, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, Night Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, Search & Recovery, Boat Diver, Wreck Diver Cavern Diver, Peak Performance Bouyancy, Equipment Specialist, Nature and so on.

One must not leave out that already qualified divers can just make dives with / without Dive Leaders.

Both beginners and advanced divers will receive all help and assistance from the schools to ensure that their holiday in the Maltese Islands is trouble-free and enjoyable.  Diver safety is of primary concern.

The Maltese Islands, however, are in no way only a diving paradise.  They are in many other respects real Islands of adventure and stimulating experiences.  Their thousands-of-year old history is documented to the visitor of today in the form of many exciting findings and attractions.

But apart from history and culture, Malta has a range of other experiences to offer.