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Car Hire on Malta, Gozo & Comino - Discount rates by D.H.I. Ltd

Car rental on the Maltese Islands

The Maltese Islands have the cheapest car hire rates in Europe. In fact, Malta car rental prices start from Lm 7.50 per day including mileage and insurance.

Driving in Malta is on the left; a British or international driving licence is acceptable. There is a speed limit of 60 km per hour on main roads and 40 km per hour in built-up areas.

Although the Maltese law permits driving from 18 years upwards with no upper-age limit, insurance companies in Malta are reluctant to cover persons under 25 years or over 70. Contact us now if you need more information or like car rental in Malta!


(Prices are only applicable for 3 days and over)

Period between  

Nov-Mar Apr-Jun, Oct Jul-Sept
Group A
Matiz, Atos or similar
EUR 25.00 EUR 35.00 EUR 45.00
Group B (Air Conditioned)
Getz, Kalos, Accent, Rio or similar
EUR 30.00 EUR 40.00 EUR 50.00
Group C (Air Conditioned)
Shumo, Multipla, C3 or similar
EUR 40.00 EUR 50.00 EUR 60.00
Group D (Air Conditioned)
Sedona, Vanette or similar
EUR 50.00 EUR 55.00 EUR 65.00
Group E
EUR 30.00 EUR 35.00 EUR 45.00

Important Information

  • The above rates of vehicle rental on Malta are quoted per day and do include unlimited mileage, TDP, PAI and fully comprehensive insurance with NO EXCESS. A Credit Card must always be supplied to cover any traffic fines that might occur.

  • Delivery to accommodation is free of charge!

  • Airport delivery and collection is available for a charge of Lm 5.00 per way.

  • Additional Drivers are charged an extra Lm 1.50 per day for the insurance

  • Baby/booster seats & roof racks are as well available with a charge of Lm 1.50 per day

  • A payment of Lm 8.00 will be asked for as all cars will be delivered with a half tank of petrol. The remaining petrol will not be refunded on collecting the vehicle.